Terms and conditions for Export and Duty Suspended Trading

Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd Duty Suspended Account Opening Procedure:


The following authorised excise duty warehouses (‘bonded warehouses’) are used by Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd:

A. Seabrook Warehousing Ltd

B. Edwards Beers & Minerals Ltd

C. TMT Stockage SARL

D. D.B.S. - Dunkerque Bonded Stores SARL

E. I.E.F.W. - Import Export Fonderies De Wimille SARL                                        

Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd is willingly to receive and/or dispatch goods in to and/or from the above mentioned bonded warehouses only. In order to trade with Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd in duty suspended goods, all customers are required to complete our account opening form and be subject of further enhanced due diligence checks by our officially appointed independent third party due diligence specialists.

As part of our terms and conditions you agree to be subject of all necessary additional due diligence checks to be conducted by our appointed independent third party due diligence specialists, The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd (‘DDE’). DDE conducts the necessary due diligence checks on behalf of Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd and in order to open your account you must supply all required information and documentation to the DDE. The DDE will be required to collect original signed copies of our terms and conditions of trade and you can download a copy of these to provide in due course

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


Before we are able to open a prospective customers Duty Suspended Trader Account and instruct the necessary additional due diligence checks you are required to forward the following copy documents:


-      WOWGR certificate is require for all UK registered companies that fall within the requirements of having to register for WOWGR. If the business is a non-UK registered company, a WOWGR certificate is not required, however we require full company details and copies of any registrations you would require to trade within these types of goods within the relevant jurisdiction. If you are a UK registered company, purchasing and selling goods entirely outside of the U.K, then we do not require a copy of a WOWGR certificate as this registration isn’t required and we will therefore require full company details.


-      A coloured or scanned copy of the Driving licence of all Directors and Shareholders of the company.


-      A coloured or scanned copy of the passport of all Directors and Shareholders of the company.


-      A coloured or scanned copy of a bill for the main Directors home address dated within the last 12 weeks.


-      A copy of a recent bill for the businesses trading address in the name of the business and dated within the last 12 weeks.


-      A copy of the Value Added Tax registration (VAT) certificate of the business. For businesses based outside of the UK, Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd require conformation of the VAT and/or sales tax registration number relevant to the Country the company trades from. For example, if the company is a French based company of the company, of its existing country to do its diligence checks on the required company a TVA number is required.  


-      A signed introductory letter from the company on the business letterhead. This should state a general introduction to the company and who the director(s) and shareholder(s) of the company is/are.


-      A copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation for all private limited companies.  


-      A copy of the company’s registration for Money Laundering Regulations 2007 (if applicable).


-      A copy of an invoice from another supplier (if available).



Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd requires scanned/colour copy of all documents to be sent by post and/or email. Accounts cannot be opened without all documentation being provided.

After submitting the above initial due diligence information you will be required to meet with our Sales Director, Mr Amjad Khalid, at our business premises. Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd will collect further information during this meeting and you will be required to present original copies of the above documents for inspection.


By requesting to open a Duty Suspended Trader Account you confirm that you understand and agree to the following terms of trade:


-        Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd do not accept any cash payments for duty suspended goods.


-        Invoice should be paid before goods are collected. If payment has not been send, goods will not be released.  


-        Orders placed with Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd take 2-3 days to be delivered to the relevant bonded warehouse. Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd store goods in IEFW in France and Seabrook Warehousing Ltd and Edwards Beers & Minerals Ltd in UK.


-         Price increases from our suppliers will be passed on  in the charges made for goods supplied to you as and when it applies.


-        Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd reserves the right to not to supply  or to cease suppling any customer or potential customer who is deemed to not meet the requirements of Elbrook Cash & Carry Ltd.’s due diligence procedures.


-        To be subject of relevant credit checks conducted by ourselves and our due diligence specialists, The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd.

-        To pay for all initial orders on a pro-forma basis


If you require further explanation of any of the above or wish to request to open your account with us please contact us on 0208 646 6502.





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